The environment participates in the science festival

The environment participates in the science festival open-box

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs participated in the second Oman Science Festival 2019 in its second edition, which started this morning (Monday) at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Center under the slogan "Fourth Industrial Revolution". The festival targets students, schools, colleges, universities, educators, academics, researchers, and parents, in addition to government institutions, civil society institutions and private sector institutions. This festival comes with the aim of developing students' knowledge in environmental science, mathematics and geography subjects, which is a national program established with high directives to contribute to raising the level of achievement Academic studies for students and encourages them to research, think and innovate.

The Ministry’s participation came through the presentation of devices for environmental work, including the turtle tracking device, the drone (drone), the salinity meter, the darkness meter, and the GPS device, in addition to the gas testing device used in refrigeration, radiation monitoring devices, noise monitoring device and suspended particles.