The Sultanate celebrates Earth Hour Under the slogan (raise your voice to nature)

The Sultanate celebrates Earth Hour Under the slogan (raise your voice to nature) open-box

The Sultanate represented by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs with the rest of the world celebrated the Earth Hour this year. As the Sultanate, represented in various regions, seeks to continue its participation with the countries of the world in celebrating this environmental event, which comes this year 2020 AD under the slogan (Raise your voice to nature by turning off unnecessary lights and lights that seek to spread awareness among the various segments of society. And this year, We are facing exceptional circumstances with countries around the world experiencing a health crisis with the outbreak of Corona Virus (Covid 19). We are aware of the extraordinary challenge facing the world and the Earth Hour Organizing Team recommends that all individuals participate in the celebration digitally this year.
This celebration aims to educate society about the importance of participating in national efforts to confront global warming and the resulting climate changes, which are considered one of the greatest global challenges at the present time facing the planet for several decades. This celebration also aims to enhance the positive behavior of members of society in order to protect the planet from the negative impacts of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities, in addition to enhancing awareness and culture among members of society of the importance of rationalizing the use of traditional energy sources and expanding the use of different renewable energy sources in the development sectors Comprehensive while preserving those resources and other environmental resources and services for current and future generations, and encouraging government agencies, private sector companies, individuals and civil society organizations to contribute to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.
And that we have to turn off the lights and unnecessary electrical and electronic devices in the public landmarks and streets in the states, as well as in the homes and buildings of government agencies, private sector companies and civil society organizations, and the Earth Hour team made an appeal to all cities of the world to participate in this global event.