Environmental Notification

Notifications of Environmental Pollution and Nature Conservation:

Contact Number for oil spill incidents:80071999 / 24693666
To report nature conservation incidents: 24696333

      To submit environmental communications via the electronic form click here

Pollution Operations Control Center

With the increase in environmental pollution incidents in the past years, combating environmental pollution has become a critical topic in the Sultanate of Oman. Due to its strategic and vital geographical location - overlooking several seas and gulfs – the Sultanate is vulnerable to environmental pollution more so than the other countries in the region, which requires harnessing of efforts to tackle any emergencies and/or incidents.
Accordingly, MECA has been entrusted with the responsibility of monitoring and combating environmental pollution, whether at sea or on land. The Pollution Operations Control Center assumes this role under its assigned tasks, which include responding, coordinating environmental pollution control plans and strategies and supervising operations related to environmental pollution incidents in cooperation with the national, regional and international concerned entities under the National Emergency Management System, and by implementing provisions of the Law on Conservation of the Environment Prevention of Pollution No.114/ 2001, together with national and regional agreement and protocols.

The Sultanate shall have a national system capable of responding effectively to environmental incidents and crises, in an effort to preserve the safety of life and property in a stable and sustainable environment.

•    Qualified technical personnel
•    Equipment (materiel, devices, programs) used in environmental pollution control operations
•    Laws, rules, regulations and national response plans (Link)
•    Regional and international conventions and protocols

Tasks and Terms of Reference
•    The Pollution Operations Control Center is the leading authority for environmental pollution operations and the focal point between all relevant parties.
•    Putting environmental emergency plans in motion and evaluating the type and level of response to various pollution cases.
•    Receiving environmental pollution reports, taking appropriate action and coordinating with national, regional and international entities.
•    Controlling and monitoring environmental pollution incidents and enforcing environmental laws and regulations in coordination with the concerned authorities.
•    Conducting field inspection visits, following up emergency plans for institutions and detecting and issuing violations.
•    Issuing permits for environmental pollution combating operations and supervising companies operating in the same field.
•     Supervising pollution monitoring and control equipment.
•    Instigating responses to environmental incidents and crises.
•    Studying and evaluating emergency plans and actions taken in environmental pollution incidents.
•    Preparing national exercises and developing technical training programs and supervising their implementation.
•    Preparing claims and compensations for damages and costs resulting from environmental incidents.
•    Participating in conducting studies, research and reports on environmental pollution incidents.

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