Clean Water

No doubt that the care of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, may God preserve him, and the care of his Government to strengthen efforts to protect the environment, develop and preserve water resources from pollution were behind the achieved success of these sectors and the confirmation of their vital role in played in improving Development and the Environment and achieving progress and prosperity to Oman cities and the preservation of natural resources of the Country.  The Ministry is looking to achieve more achievements every year to be added to Oman great achievements and to help the citizens under the wise leadership of Maulana His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, may Allah protect him.
The Ministry aims to contribute to the development of water resources on the basis of integrated management system of water resources, maintain pure drinking water resources and to follow-up sanitation services. Moreover, it aims to enact laws to reuse treated water of all kinds and protect the environment from pollution and desertification, and natural resources conservation and rational use by adopting and activating the relevant regulations and implementing awareness programs. It also encourages the participation of local communities, non-governmental associations, civil society organizations and other private sector and their efforts in reforming water and environmental conditions so as to contribute to the promotion of sustainable development, the improvement of public health and to alleviate poverty and unemployment.
In addition, the Ministry is working on achieving its goals through practicing powers granted to it in legal and environmental legislation according to the water protection strategy by The Environment Protection and Pollution Control Law 114/2001 and the protection of water sources from pollution Law 115/2001 which demonstrates treatment and reuse of sewage and sewerage disposal standards Annex No. 1, waste water standards Table (A), the reuse of sludge in agriculture Table (B), re-use waste water Table (C), standards for the disposal of non-domestic liquid water to sanitation networks Annex No. 3 and the decisions of determining the protection of the water supply wells and the establishment of water and soil pollution department. Its responsibilities are the following: -

  • To perform the environmental monitor of water and soil pollution and follow-up the application of environmental laws and regulations.
  • To participate in the evaluation and study requests for environmental permits and comment on them.
  • To participate in studies, surveys and research on soil and water pollution and develop recommendations and work to implement them.
  • Develop specifications and standards for water and soil pollution and for water supply wells protect areas and follow up their implementation.
  • To issue disposal permits or re-use of wastewater.
  • To perform field visits and follow-up the implementation of laws and environmental requirements and control and issue environmental violations.

تاريخ النشر: 20/11/2019
,وقت النشر: 11:05:36